IMO App Free Download For PC, Android, Windows & Mac {Updated}

IMO App can easily be classified as next-generation social media app for free video calls and chat. Smartphones are incomplete without this app. IMO Video Calls and Chat app users experience a special bond with IMO Messenger. It connects you with family and friends instantly without any fee.

“The best part about IMO Video Calling App is that it saves our money and gives better connectivity.”

The best social messaging apps for free video calls and chat rates IMO app as the best. You can connect quickly with friends and family. Start experiencing the high standard features of IMO video calling even in low-speed connection.

imo for PC

IMO Messenger works on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The voice and video quality features are up to standard. IMO App is spreading on social media platforms. It is easy to use and friendly interface adds as an advantage to the app.

What Does IMO Mean?

IMO meaning lies in the fact that IMO is a video calling messenger. IMO gives you a platform where it can perform both as messaging and video call application. Overall quality of the app is great for the Android users.  IMO Download allows you to have best in class quality on video calling and voice calling as well.

As of now the meaning of IMO is clear. As an IMO Beta user, you are secure as all your messages or chats encrypt. That’s an important aspect new generation users look for in any social messaging applications.

imo free download

Compared to other types of the application, the IMO is the best and effective one. Most of the features of the IMO Chat Application are similar to the WhatsApp; IMO Video Calling features makes a big difference. You can send unlimited messages, videos, voice recording and file sending. IMO Messenger works fine for all the networks including 2G, 3G, 4G, and WI-FI. This will be the best platform to enjoy the chat with all the people.

IMO App Video Calling Features

IMO APK is one of the extraordinary and excellent social networks. There are countless excellent features in IMO Messenger. Here are some of the important features of the IMO Video Calling app.

  • You can start IMO Chat with an individual or create a group for text messaging.  IMO App hides the messages when we open the chat room the next time.
  •  Many stickers are there in IMO Beta that simply adds beauty to your text messages. We get stickers from the sticker store.
  • You can select media files from the phone gallery and send them to your IMO application friends. The camera icon allows you to click an image or shoot a video. You can click or shoot the application and send it instantly.
  • IMO Voice calling is very clear and without any interruption. It leads you to have great calling experience for a long time.

  • IMO Video calling is as good as its voice calling feature. There are also other options while going for a video calling session such as capturing an image while video calling.
  • You do not have to search someone manually on your friend list. Whenever you add a contact on your phone list or even in any application installed on your device. Then IMO App system will notify you if the particular person is using IMO.
  • IMO Free Video and Calls App encrypted chat. The call feature makes the user feel safe about all the personal conversation. Call feature gives it an edge over other social messaging application.
  • IMO Download is a must try for all user who wants to connect with friends and family from any device.

Best IMO Group Names

  1. Fake Faces
  2. White House
  3. Crazy Foodies
  4. Friends Vol 2
  5. Lion’s Club
  6. Only Family
  7. Girls, Beautiful Girls
  8. Stop Wishing, Start Doing
  9. Elephant Diet
  10. True Hearts

Download IMO Free Video Calls and Chat App For Various Devices

1. > IMO For Android: If you are using an Android phone or tablet then you need to Download IMO Beta APK For Android devices. It is latest 2017 version. We describe IMO Beta installation guide in the below area.

  1. Download IMO APK latest 2017 version and then open APK file on your Android device.
  2. You need to remember that IMO APK file works only on Android phones and tablets.
  3. Now open APK file and here your phone needs permission to install applications from unknown resources.
  4. IMO Beta installation takes only a few seconds.
  5. You can make IMO Account by following the instructions of the app.

2. > IMO For PC/Laptop: There are many users who want to use IMO App on their PC or Laptop. We have two methods by which we can use IMO for PC. Go to Download IMO for PC Page and select the method which suits you.

3. > IMO For Windows Phone: IMO for Android and PC is totally different from IMO Windows version. It comes from Microsoft app store. Simply go to IMO for Windows page and grab the app.

4. >IMO For Mac/iOS/iPhone: IMO App has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. iPhone users love to use WhatsApp, Viber, and Facetime but now they are moving towards IMO iOS application. The reason behind this is the immense variety of features that IMO Messenger has offered to its users. Download IMO for Mac and iPhone from Apple’s official app store.

imo free download


IMO for Laptop is a complete app. You can connect via video call as a group with family and friends. There are certain emotions which we can’t explain through words. IMO app has hundreds of stickers to express you freely to your loved ones.

Optimize IMO APK for Android tablet users so that they experience simple interface. That interface makes it easy for video chats and calls. IMO App offers all the exciting features, this makes it favorite social messaging app for video and voice calling. Tell us your review about IMO Web and we will add your thoughts in the article.