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KIK for PC Messenger makes a phone smartphone. There are many video calling and messaging apps available in the market for Android, iOS, and windows. But KIK for PC is a special app in this segment. In this article, we have mentioned how you can install KIK for PC. There are multiple methods available to do finish this task.

kik on PC

We can guarantee that this app will blow your mind off. KIK for PC is a free messenger that allows you to do voice calls, video calls and messaging. KIK on PC is not just a messaging app, by using it, you can stay in the loop and explore with your friends through chat. No phone numbers required, just pick a username.

KIK for PC provides excellent video calling experience. This app not only limits to the chatting, video and voice call. KIK on PC also provides the facility to chat with bots. Bots are computers that can talk to us like humans. And there are many more impressive features in KIK messenger for PC.

KIK for PC App Features

Unlimited Messaging: You can message anyone whose profile you can find on it. And there is no limit to send messages in KIK for PC. That means you can send unlimited messages to anyone.

Share Media: There is a lot of variety available for users to share media files among KIK users. You can send audio/video files, images, your real-time location and many more.

Use Stickers: You don’t need to express yourself with words. KIK for PC gives you thousands of free stickers, and they are very easy to use. So no waste of time writing long sentences to express your emotions. If you are not interested in the regular stickers, then you can also try monthly and seasonal stickers.

Group Chat: If you want to establish a conference between your friends or you want to have a group communication then KIK for PC allows you to have a group call.

Search Friends: If your friends are on other social networks and you want to invite them to use this app so you can do it with this app. You just have just to click the button of the invite that is given in the left button.

Use Gifs: If you get a funny gif or you want to express an emotion using gif then you will be amazed to know that KIK on PC supports this feature.

Manage Your Profile: You can manage your KIK profile by uploading your photos. Set the profile picture, tap the gear icon, click set pictures from your gallery or camera roll.

Scan Codes to Chat: If your friend is with you and you cannot find him on KIK for PC even when he has a profile then just scan his profile generated QR code to chat with him. So whenever you are out, you can just make friends by scanning a QR code.

kik for pc download

Download KIK for PC

There are many methods to download KIK on PC. I am going in detail for each method and you can download with any method. I recommend going with Bluestacks Emulator method. Before you download KIK messenger I would like to show you iMessage on PC and IMO for PC

<1> Bluestacks Method

KIK for PC app is only available for Android and iOS. So if you want to use this app on your PC or laptop, then you have to use any android emulators. Android emulators are the software that virtualization an android device on your PC. So using an android emulator, you can use Android devices.

Kik Messenger for PC

There are many android emulators available on the market. And one of them is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a software that emulates android device. Download Bluestacks and then follow steps.

  1. After you have downloaded the software, you have to install it.
  2. Open the package you have downloaded by double-clicking it.
  3. No, install it as usual.
  4. After the installation start it.
  5. You have to sign in it using your Google id (Gmail). Fill all the credentials and tap login.
  6. Your Bluestacks is set up.

After the installation of Bluestacks, you will need to have the KIK for PC app installed on it. You can install the KIK for PC app using either of the two methods:- (a) download KIK for PC using the play store that is present on the Bluestacks or (b) downloading the APK file of KIK for PC. You can get the APK at the following link.

Download KIK APK

Just download it and install it using these steps:

  1. Turn the Unknown Sources On. You can find this setting in Settings>Security>Unknown Sources.
  2. Now go to the location where you have downloaded the APK file. Now double click on the APK file.
  3. Click on “install”
  4. Now your app will be installed and is ready to use.

<2> Nox Emulator Method

Nox emulator is the latest android emulator in the market. To download the offline installer of the Nox emulator goes to the below link:

KIK for Windows

To install Nox follow the following steps:

  1. Open the package you have downloaded.
  2. The installation process will begin.
  3. Complete the process by filling up the necessary credentials.
  4. After some time installation is completed and Nox is then set up on your PC.

To download KIK for PC on Nox you can follow the same steps as described for Bluestacks.

  • Extension of chrome: Google Chrome browser provides an exceptionally lightweight extension (software) that works just like KIK for PC app. You can install it using following steps:
  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Type “chrome extension for KIK for PC” and press enter.
  3. Click the first link shown in the result section.
  4. Click on “ADD TO CHROME” button, and it will install KIK for PC.


<3> Windows Store

Windows provides a store that has nearly all varieties of app, games, music available on it, that too for free. The store can be easily found in the windows 8 and onwards version, but for windows seven it is not available in the desktop apps. Instead, windows seven users can open windows Store in any browser from the official site of Microsoft :

->Type “Windows Store” in the search menu bar and click on the Windows Store.

->Now in the windows store type KIK for PC and click on it.

->Now just press the button, and it will download the app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I am not getting the confirmation email. What should I do?

A) Try resending your email confirmation link, and you will get the solution.

Q) I am not getting KIK for PC. What should I do?

A) Use android emulators like Nox player, Bluestacks, Andy. And if still, it doesn’t work then use KIK for PC’s chrome extension.

Q) How to unblock contacts in KIK on PC?

A) Go to chat settings, tap block list, type in the username and tap ‘unblock’. It will unblock the contacts.

Q) My app is crashing again and again. How to resolve this issue?

A) Try reinstalling it.

Q) Can people see my phone number on KIK for PC?

A) No, your mobile number is used privately by KIK for PC to notify your friend that you have a KIK for PC’s profile.

Q) What does the red exclamation mark mean?

A) It means the message has failed to send. Try resending the message.

Q) How to reduce my battery usage?

A) You can log off KIK for PC and force stop in app settings to reduce battery.